The iPhone X ignites the passion of Apple fans around the world

Ten years after the launch of the first iPhone, Apple retains the charm to seduce its fans and today thousands of people around the world queued for hours in front of their stores to Be the first to buy the company's new smartphone, the iPhone X.

Los Angeles (USA), Nov 3 (EFE) .- Ten years after the launch of the first iPhone, Apple retains the charm to seduce its fans and today thousands of people around the world made queue for hours before their stores to be the first to buy the new smartphone of the company, the iPhone X.

Apple stores in Mexico City, Madrid, Los Angels, Tokyo, Moscow or Beijing welcomed fans willing to spend the night outdoors to take an iPhone X, a high-priced device ($ 999 in the US and 1,159 euros in Spain) and that, as more important novelties, extends the touch screen to delete the frames, eliminates the start button and has face recognition.

In The Grove, One of the most popular shopping centers in Los Angeles, about two hundred people armed with chairs, blankets and coffee surrounded an apple near the store in the early hours of the day. Apple.

While the operators of the premises installed Christmas ornaments and Frank Sinatra sounded through the loudspeakers of the mall, Apple employees hurried the last minutes to clean the glasses of the establishment and so that everything was impeccable.

The most skilled were those who had a previous reservation, which prevented them from queuing and were guaranteed take an iPhone X because, due to the high demand and shortage of the devices, Apple already warned in previous days that the available units were limited today.

Luciendo una smile from ear to ear and recording everything with a camera to not lose detail, the Chilean Gonzalo Herrera was one of the first five customers to enter today at the Apple store in The Grove.

"I'm with the iPhone since the first one, I usually change every two years and this was a special moment: ten years from the first one," said Efe Herrera, who traveled from Chile together with a friend to know Los Angeles and, "the main thing", to "live this moment and have the iPhone".

"We are happy to be able to experience this experience that we have always seen through the YouTube channels, with people waiting, and it's really impressive, "he said a few minutes before the doors finally opened and that Apple employees, hallway and clapping nonstop, welcome the first buyers.

Anxious but patient, haggard but happy, half a thousand shoppers spent the last night awake in front of the Apple store in Mexico City to be the first to take the phone.

"I'm ecstatic, I can not find words, if I'm waiting I do not know how long this phone is. an emotion and it means a lot, "said Arturo Delgado, a publicist who bought four iPhone X and who said he" cried "when about a year ago he opened the only store official of the country in Santa Fe, one of the wealthiest areas of the capital.

Also in Madrid the "fever" was felt by Apple's new mobile, since about 400 people They lined up at the emblematic Puerta del Sol with the sole purpose of taking the iPhone X under their arms.

The same scenes were experienced in Tokyo, where 2,000 people waited today for the Apple store doors in the commercial district of Omotesando to get the terminal.

The first to get there with the iPhone X was a 21-year-old university student, who considered key the complete redesign of the mobile, "something that had not happened in iPhone models for a while," he said.

"(These phones) are part of my life. habit or something familiar to change every year of iPhone, "explained today the first customer to cross the entrance of the main Apple store in Beijing, where dozens of people are also They crowded in from dawn.

And not even the harsh winter cold of Russia was able to with the desire of hundreds of fans in Moscow, who withstood temperatures of up to five degrees centigrade under zero and queued up in the central Tverskaya street (former Gorky) to buy the mobile.

Not all were happy anecdotes for Apple in the release of the iPhone, as yesterday it was known that 313 units of his new cell phone were stolen in San Francisco when three hooded men assaulted a courier van carrying the new terminals.

Either way, the launch of the iPhone X, along with the good financial results of its fiscal year 2017 known yesterday, led today to overcome Apple, for the first time in its history, the 900,000 million of dollars (772,000 million euros) of stock market valuation.

The technology giant based in the Californian city of Cupertino increased its annual profit by 5.8% to reach the 48.351 million dollars (41.486 million euros).

And looking ahead, driven by the iPhone X, Apple only sees good omens: the company's projections for its first quarter of 2018, which includes the holiday shopping season, estimate record revenues of between 84,000 and 87,000 million dollars (from 72,000 to 74,000 million dollars).

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