Almudena Grandes: Rajoy is the one who has played the best chess in the Catalan case

Almudena Grandes is clear that the president of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, has been the biggest beneficiary of the crisis in Catalonia because "he has played much better than chess" independence

Buenos Aires, November 11 (EFE) .- Almudena Grandes is clear that the president of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, has been the biggest beneficiary of the crisis in Catalonia because "he has played a lot better to chess "than the independentistas.

Accustomed to being asked about everything, the writer, born in Madrid in 1960, does not detour when talking about a conflict that keeps her country and that it considers will come to an end if in the regional elections convened by Rajoy for next December 21, a non-independence government is formed.

"I think Rajoy, who has not he is my favorite politician as everybody knows, he has been the great winner, also because Carles Puigdemont (ceased president of Catalonia) has allowed it, because if Puigdemont had summoned elections 24 hours before declaring independence, perhaps the game would have ended in tables, "says Grandes in an interview with Efe in Buenos Aires.

Convinced that the independentistas did in general an "excellent propaganda campaign" but played "very bad chess" having believed their own "propaganda", the Madrilenian believes that the president was guilty of "not taking them seriously" and of not being able to create an "alternative story to that Catalan propaganda effort".

But at the moment of convening the elections, Rajoy, according to she has "played much better", dismantling the argument that Article 155 of the Constitution - applied by the Government to intervene autonomy after the declaration of independence in the Catalan Parliament- ended with self-government, since it only takes a month and a half to renew the regional executive at the polls.

For the author of "Atlas de geografía humana" (1998) or "The three weddings of Manolita" (2014), which arrived in Argentina to present his latest novel, "Patients of Dr. García" (Tusquets), if the majority of the independence comes from the elections, State "can not avoid a legal referendum."

"But whatever happens, there will be a part of Catalan society that has left, and that is very dangerous because we know how it started but not how can it end (...) And that is the responsibility of the Government of Rajoy, which has allowed things to rot to this limit, "he confessed.

Self-declared as" sniper "in the Catalan conflict by not agreeing with any of the parties, Grandes, which for years was linked to the political movement Izquierda Unida, considers that Rajoy "could not prevent" the independence referendum on October 1 "because there were millions of Catalans who wanted to vote."

But also that Puigdemont "or whatever" is not going to govern in a Catalonia independent "because there are millions of Catalans who do not want to live" separated from Spain.

With its privileged verbiage, just as forceful is shown when pronouncing on the relationship that the whole of the State has had with the Catalan region.

"Historically Spain has mistreated Catalonia? Well look, I'll tell you one thing, even if it costs me a displeasure no more than to poor regions, "he says.

From his point of view, there have been" very poor regions "where people have lived" very badly ", such as Andalusia, Extremadura, Asturias and areas of Castilla La Mancha.

"It is true that they do not have a linguistic identity or an alternative homeland, but the scorn that has been inflicted on the Catalan language, the lack of respect for Catalan culture that have existed and are regrettable, I do not know if they are as serious as the state of permanent poverty and of forgetfulness and abandonment in which other regions have remained, "he says.

Likewise, a "irresponsibility and a grotesque" is what seems Puigdemont's flight to Brussels, while required by the Spanish Justice to be held accountable for the alleged crimes of rebellion, sedition, misappropriation of funds, prevarication and disobedience.

"You can not turn on that light, encourage that kind of wild joy that we saw all the day that was proclaimed the independence and then say, hey look no, I'm going to Belgium, "he snapped.

In his latest novel, the twelfth of his career and the fourth of the cycle devoted to the consequences of "endless" Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) brings to light, between reality and fiction, a network of evasion of Nazi hierarchs who managed to escape, thanks to the Spanish Clara Sttaufer, from Madrid to South America, specifically Argentina.

"The current Spain does not look at all like the one of 36," Gran emphasizes, that in 1989, when he was only 29 years old, he became known as "The Ages of Lulú ", his first novel, and is married to the writer Luis García Montero.

Regarding the voices that have affirmed that the Catalan problem can lead to a new war, the writer is sharp.

"I lived the Franco regime and nothing that is happening has to do with that, there is a certain war fantasy on the part of many people, but it seems naive to me. and nonsense. He points out that the Second Republic (1931-1939) and the Civil War are "great moments in history" and that is why interest in them is not going to "end", as it does with the Roman Empire or the French Revolution.

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