The United States today confirmed increases in Argentine biodiesel tariffs, considering that Argentine producers are sold at "dumping" prices and benefit from subsidies from the United States. State, informed the Argentine Government, that threatened to go to the World Trade Organization.

Buenos Aires, Nov 9 (EFE). - The United States today confirmed increases of the tariffs to the biodiesel of Argentina considering that the producers of that country are sold at prices of 'dumping' and they benefit from subsidies from the State, informed the Argentine Government, which threatened to go to the World Trade Organization.

In a statement, the Argentine Executive indicated that the US Department of Commerce "subsidy margins at levels even higher than those previously set".

"The Argentine Government reiterates that it does not subsidize in any way the production or export of biodiesel by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Last August, the United States decided to impose - on a preliminary basis - countervailing duties of between 50.29% and 64.17% on biodiesel from Argentina, considering that it is subsidized and its producers engage in "unfair practices".

Since then, Macri and other authorities of his Government transferred to Washington his rejection of this measure and initiated a dialogue with their representatives to try to reach a solution.

"During the last days the bilateral negotiations between both Governments and the respective private sectors involved to reach an agreement that suspends both the anti-dumping investigation and the alleged subsidies, "he recalled on Thursday. Chancellery.

However, these efforts, the text continues, "were frustrated" in the face of the lack of willingness to reach an agreement by the US industry, which placed in a position "that was unacceptable", covered by "unjustifiably high" preliminary rights.

A research phase remains ahead where the industry of the country The US should prove to the International Trade Commission that Argentine imports "caused him harm or threaten to provoke him."

"It should be noted that all Indicators of this industry are positive and, far from demonstrating any damage caused by Argentine imports, they show a very profitable activity ", considers the Executive Argentine.

Macri's government assured that "it will continue to defend the interests of its exporters in the final phase of the subsidies investigation, as well as the antidumping. "

" If the International Trade Commission does not reverse this decision, the Argentine Government reserves the right to resort to the dispute settlement mechanism of the WTO (World Trade Organization), "concludes the statement.

In an act last Tuesday during a visit to New York, Macri said that the relationship with the United States is" very good ", but admitted that now the main" challenge "is still trade, in addition to solving some" pending issues "such as beef exports or biodiesel.

" So far We have not made much progress, but we are working hard on it, "said Macri, who recalled his good relationship with US President Donald Trump, whom he recalled. that he met decades ago "playing golf".